The Invisible Husband



The Invisible Husband cover image

Miss Eve Venables knows nothing about the man who’s persuaded her parents to deliver her to a country church in the middle of the night, not even his name. Her parents have wisely withheld his identity knowing their daughter would hunt him down and then give the man cause to change his mind.

Four men in black hooded cloaks escort Eve up the aisle where she’s married by proxy to a man named Adam Harold Damian Latham, sixth Earl of Latham. The name Latham is familiar, but she can’t remember why. A feeling of being watched sends a chill up her spine and over her scalp. For six months invisible eyes have been following her everywhere. Is her husband the black cloaked figure who gently placed the ring on her finger or was her demon-Lord waiting in a cold castle for her to be delivered up into his bed like a ritual offering to a blood thirsty god? Her mind whirling with plot lines from The Castle of Otranto; Eve reluctantly agrees to become Lady Latham, but she’s no simpering Miss, and if His Lordship thinks he’s purchased a biddable wife he’ll quickly discover he’s mistaken.