About the Author

I discovered Regency romance novels when I was about twelve and it changed my life. I went from wanting to be an author to wanting to write romances. It was nothing new. I'd been creating romantic stories since I'd picked up my first doll. (My poor Barbie endured an exhaustive soap opera. She never knew who she was going to marry next). Around the same time as I discovered romance, someone from church gave our family a giant black Royal typewriter with a faded ribbon. I don't remember it being carried upstairs to the bedroom I shared with my sister or if I thought to ask why the desk it came with was completely covered in shag carpet. I didn't care. I was the owner of a typewriter and it fired my imagination. I spent hours after school gleefully tapping out short stories, dreams or diary entries.

I'm grateful to all the romance authors who've made me laugh, sigh and dream. I read an article in a newspaper a few years back where some woman was ranting on the evils of romance novels. In her opinion they give readers unrealistic expectations, but that's rubbish. Reading about handsome rakes seducing beautiful stupid maidens never prejudiced me against average looking decent men. I admit there were a number of beautiful rakehells in history who might have tempted me, but I'd never have married one. At least I'd like to think I wouldn't.

I was in my twenties before I had my first date so I needed all the romantic hope I could get. A male friend of mine at the time told me in all seriousness that he thought I was scary (as in frightening) and he wasn't the timid type. I assume most other men found me equally scary. They certainly weren't fighting each other to knock on my door. I needed a man with nerves of steel and I found him. After he finally accepted I wasn't a lunatic (he calls me eccentric) he fell for my charms and asked me to marry him. It was as if I'd put in an order for my dream man and he'd fallen from the sky in a colour coordinated outfit.

My stories are tragic-comedies; I think they'd make Jane Austen laugh! My characters all inhabit one Regency world. The books aren't written as a series, but the character's lives usually intertwine. I rate my stories PG13 (as in 1985) for adult themes (my bad guys tend to be bad). If you've already read all my books and you're waiting for more, I have six stories in various stages of completion and two will hopefully be done very soon. I've been saying this for the last year or so, but I've been ill with an undiagnosed thyroid problem. I'm now on the mend and should be back up to speed soon or at least speeding past my garden snails. Their little eyes might even wave in the wind caused by my passing.

Last but not least, a thank you to my adorable Goblin for my lovely website and for filling my life with romance, happiness and laughter.