Taming The Shrew



Taming The Shrew cover image

The wealthy Miss Juliana Browne has a number of problems; she’s twenty-five, her hair is red, she’s on the shelf, life is hateful and her only known admirer is Hervey De Vere, a freckled orange haired fortune hunter who looks eighteen. After three years of continuous snubs, he’s still chasing her with endless offers of gallantry and proposals of marriage. When Juliana’s mother suggests she solve her problems by marrying the said Hervey, Juliana is revolted until her mother reveals that Hervey has a reputation as a charming, attentive and discreet lover. Assured that her married friends will turn green with envy Juliana impulsively weds the man.  She quickly discovers her boyish looking husband is more than man enough to tame her contrary heart.