The Curse of Love



The Curse of Love cover imageTimothy Cranston’s heart is bone dry; reason enough to hate the world. Since his father’s death he’s been tormented by the secret shame of needing to be touched with kindness. He can’t remember the last time his mother put an arm around his shoulders, ruffled his hair or even pinched his cheek. Her words of love are meaningless; if she loved him she’d touch him. She obviously hates him and he returns the sentiment. He hates everyone, especially his two Elizabethan ancestors who’ve been cursed to ensure ten generations of their progeny marry for love. The absence of privacy has soured Timothy’s tender introverted heart. He’s resolved to die a bachelor; any other ending is unthinkable. What is love? It’s a myth made up by old ladies to inflict feelings of failure on the young!

For years, Lady Jayne Grey’s well travelled neighbours have compared her adored unsociable Papa to the sour Lord Cranston. Invited to stay with her Aunt Josephine for the London season, Jayne hopes to meet the man of her dreams. Unfortunately Aunt Josephine detests Lord Cranston and refuses the necessary introduction. Undaunted, Jayne waits patiently like the grey spider on her family crest. When fate blows Timothy into her web, Jayne finds ensnaring a Cranston heart requires infinite patience and a soft steady touch.